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About What is my Browser

Browser is a software application specifically meant to run with a working Internet connection. It may open online and perform some basic functions offline but online activity is essential if you want to gain access to the World Wide Web. Every operating system of display devices like PCs, laptops smartphones & tablets comes with different screen resolutions.

High-speed internet has now become the basic requirement of every internet user because it serves a lot more than just exploring websites. If you look thoroughly, the entire world lies inside a web browser.

One can play high-resolution videos, store important multimedia and documents on the cloud storage to manage official documents and communicate by just exploring various portals through a web browser. User doesn’t need any kind of physical memory in the HDD in order to store the files as earlier.

This is the digitally advanced world where people look for everything online. Even before buying something from a local store, everyone tries to gather adequate information regarding a product or service from the internet. Therefore, it is the basic duty of a web developer to check the compatibility with all browsers. The overall aim is to provide the type of browser, version, name, and user agent.