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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority Checker is a tool to calculate Page Authority score. The page authority checker identifies the algorithm using a machine learning model to show the best correlation within the SERP rankings. Check the page authority using a quality page authority checker also called PA checker, to see how your page stands up against the competition.

This gives an idea of how much SEO you must do to improve the page authority for each page of the website. Page Authority checker gives page authority in seconds.

Page authority or PA is a score or metric developed by Moz. Page authority predicts the ability of a page to rank on SERP or Search Engine Result Page. The range of Page Authority scores is from 1 to 100. Pages with higher Page Authority have a greater ability to rank in the SERP.

Successful web pages have high page authority. It is related to pages within the site and not the site itself. Each page on your site has a different score.

Page authority is one of the key factors used for measuring your website's ranking in search results. It provides very useful information on web page quality and strength to get overall page insight to improve SEO against competitors.