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About Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority means the ranking potential of the entire website, while page authority gives the ranking potential of a single web page. You need tools to check domain authority and that’s where domain authority checker comes in.

There are many domain authority checker tools available online. Use any domain authority checkers to check the domain authority of your website. Just Use a domain authority checker to check the performance of your domain.

There are plenty of websites out there and you want to build backlinks. How do you know which websites to target? All websites don’t have an equal ranking. Some websites have better respect and reputation. This is where domain authority comes in.

There are free-to-use domain authority checker tools to check the domain authority of your website. Domain authority checker tools work on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Not just domain authority, you can even check page authority on free domain authority checker tools.

How to use domain authority checker? Simply enter the URL in the input box and click, Go Fetch. If you have many URLs to check, enter one URL per line, up to a maximum of 20