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About Domain IP Lookup

KDAPZ SEO tools offer a free domain IP lookup tool that helps you to convert a domain to an IP address. If you are looking for such type of tool then you are in the right place. The tool only converts the domain into IP without any third-party APIs.

In olden days, the website developer and the site owner use the command prompt to get the IP address of the domain. So it is used to take a lot of time and complicate process to configure or identifying IP address. In the recent decade domain names and IP become most popular for an online business to host domain name.

To make it hassle-free to get an IP address of the domain name, we developed a domain IP lookup tool that converts easily from domain to IP within a matter of seconds.

There are many ways to detect IP addresses which consumes a lot of time, so domain IP lookup has become a common and friendly tool for webmasters where they can check for malware issues, configuring sites, and connect to email servers. The tool saves a lot of time identifying an IP address for a specific domain instead, they can focus on marketing and building necessary website traffic to grow their site.