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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

What is Code to Text Ratio Checker?

Code-to-text ratio checker is an online tool that you don’t need to install for operation. It works through websites with a working internet connection and provides results in percentage. You need to enter the URL of every single page individually rather than processing the entire website at a time.

It is essential because every page has different percentages that vary based on different factors like text quantity, number of images, and backlinks. One can find numerous tools for this purpose but choose only the most powerful. Make sure that the tool is capable of processing multiple pages in a single time.

Try any of these links in your browser for free of cost. Some of them are very simple whereas others may include customized features. An SEO expert or developer can easily operate complex tools whereas simple tools like our code-to-text ration checker that are suitable for beginners and professionals.

The results are illustrated in an organized table where you can easily identify whether the text or code requires alteration. If the ratio of coding is much higher than text, it will badly impact the loading speed which is not good from the perspective of SEO.