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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache is an automated system that continuously caches your site at a particular time on all your web pages. When the robots crawl again your site, they will re-update the cache of the web page into Google the main server for better ranking on the search engines. Whether you update any new content or nothing on the web page, the functionality of the crawler still is working on indexing the web pages. Once your web page has been indexed, a cached copy of your web page will show when the last bot has been crawled.

The main purpose of the Google Cache Checker is to identify the cache status information of the website when was last modified by the site owner. Searching every URL for cache status takes a long bit of time on google, but we bought a simple tool to find cache status within seconds instead of waiting for a long time. The online Google Checker tool is very user-friendly and can be checked on any device without issues, it is recommended as one of the most important SEO tools by professionals.