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The IP address is an Internet protocol address that is used to communicate between devices on a TCP IP Network. The format of an IP address is a 32-bit numeric address followed by 4 numbers separated by periods. Any devices that are connected will have a unique IP address to communicate.

IP address tool is very useful in today’s world because to send & receive messages your system needs a unique IP address to communicate with each other. Whenever you come online the system will have an active IP to send and receive data from one location to another.

Whenever your device connects online either a different location, your device will detect automatic active IP addresses to send and receive valuable information. Even, you can change your IP address without moving to a different location. Just by using an IP proxy software, you can change your IP address within a few seconds.

Every website requires a server to come live. Generally, most of the websites run on a shared server because it is very affordable. Especially the blogger and websites of regional service use such kinds of services. All websites comprising a single server share a common IP address. Some shared servers allow only 10 to 20 websites whereas some allow 1000 too.

As the number of websites goes higher, the risk of down server errors also rises. However, modern servers for sharing purposes are coming with much better configurations. Within a single shared server, all kinds of websites will be active including good & bad.

 The bad websites mean spam & black hat abused links. The crawlers of Google always remain active and keep searching for these unethical activities. After detection, they search engine demotes everything on a server that badly affects your website’s ranking.