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About Word Counter

When it comes to the word count tool, don’t mistake it for the simple counting of words that you calculate with software. These are even online tools with the capability of counting words in content more precisely Rather than just calculating the characters & total alphabetic words, they are also meant for reporting them in depth.

Word counter is a simple online tool that counts words and characters exactly present in the content. You just need to copy and paste it into the text box, and then it is calculated automatically with a click of the submit button. The tool will run on the back end and display the number of words and characters within seconds.

The tool will be very useful for content writers, blog owners, forum postings, websites, social media analysts, and much more to check the exact number of words and characters in the piece of content that you have written for marketing.

The tool is built to support all types of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 11 without any technical problems.

The process of digital marketing comprises numerous small & big strategies that combine to obtain something productive. One of the most important things that rules all over online marketing strategies is content. It is a well-known fact that “content is the king” when it comes to online promotion. When you are not personally present at a location for promotional purposes, your content works to convince people towards a product, service, or piece of information. Every content has a specific limit that is counted in words.

Text material like articles, blogs, guest posts, social media ads & Google ads has a specific parameter of words. For instance, if you want to promote something on Twitter, there will be a total character limit of 280. Add any hashtag, emoji, digit, or alphabet, the limit cannot be exceeded.

It is the responsibility of a content writer to customize the content according to the objective & platform of marketing. When someone is assigned to write content, it is important to count the words exactly as per the requirement. For this purpose, the word count tool plays a great role.