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The DNS lookup tool views all the information of DNS (domain name system) server records. DNS is very useful for today's domain system to solve the various Complex coding problems for configuring the website to host the business. Otherwise, all the sites look like IP address domain names. 

The domain name system is a directory where all information on domains can be obtained with the help of their IP addresses. If you want to know the exact location of a website, use a DNS lookup tool. You just need to enter the web address in the search box and its entire information will become apparent in just a few seconds. DNS is a core part of the internet system to connect the correct domains with the IP address provided by the web hosting service.

There are two kinds of domain name systems containing the record of every website running in this world. These are:-

  1. Forward DNS Lookup
  2. Reverse DNS Lookup

Both of them have different approaches and the tools of their monitoring are also different. In this article, we are discussing the forwards DNS only but basic information regarding both is essential to know. To know the IP address of a server, you just need to remember the web address.

Once it is processed through an online tool, the information is sent to the internet service provider that further examines the IP address associated with a domain name. If the entered web address is associated with an IP, its address will appear on the screen of the user. Firstly, the internet service provider checks its server, if there is no information; the request is forwarded to other internet service providers.

While talking about the reverse DNS lookup, it is the reverse process of forwarding DNS lookup. It means you need to enter the IP address in the toolbox to obtain the domain name.

Try our tools for free of cost with just one click. You don’t even need to register with any user ID or password. Just open the website, enter the web address, and get the entire information instantly on your screen. A DNS lookup tool can help you in several ways that are covered in the information of the below section. Read the points carefully.

The common DNS record system names are CNAME, AAA, HINFO, MX, ISDN, NS, PTR, SOA, and TXT. Most of the DNS record information will be extracted using the DNS record tool from the requested website.