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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

The robots txt generator is an online tool that is generally available free of cost. You just need to know the URLs that provide this service. For the convenience of users, there are many reliable robots txt generators.

Most of the tools have almost similar functionality; however, the speed of generating files and ease of accessibility may differ. Now, it’s time to know what exactly this tool meant for. To know it in detail, you must understand that there is a root folder on every website that contains customizable data.

Only the developers of a website allow SEO experts to add a specific file to it. The websites are generally constructed on HTML or PHP, but this is a normal text file. Experts place this file in the root directory of a website.

As mentioned above, the search engines spread their bot crawlers to check every corner of a web page to pick the content for ranking purposes. However, all fields are not useful and sometimes you don’t want to expose sensitive data to the search engine crawler.

The webmasters use robots txt file to instruct search engine crawlers to skip some specific web pages. These pages might contain graphical representations or PDFs that are not necessary to be crawled for indexing. Robots txt file is mainly to understand the search engine which pages to index and which pages not to index. The job of the spider is to crawl every web page up to the website and take the necessary steps for the search engine.

To exclude the files to no-index in the search engine, the robots txt file plays a key role

Guidelines: Robots Txt Guidelines

Help Tool: Robots Txt Tester - This Tool will help you check robot's file working properly or not.