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About XML Sitemap Generator

Now, let’s come to the XML file-generating tool. It is just like any typical online tool that SEO marketers use in their strategy.

All of these tools work on a similar mechanism, only the period of reflecting results and user interface differ. You need to fill in appropriate values in the online form including URL & search engine details. It will automatically generate a file that is executable with a webmaster tool.

Before going further with the tools for generating this file, first, you first need to understand this format thoroughly. Every SEO expert knows that there are crawler bots executed by search engines like Google and Bing to identify important internal links & keywords. These crawlers sometimes cannot find any links inside the content of a web page. Consequently, the ranking of the site is badly affected.

The XML file helps guide the crawler by pointing to a specific link. In the file of an XML sitemap, all important URLs are enlisted for the ease of the crawler to identify them. This entire process is executed by the webmaster. The main aim of this file is to inform a search engine crawler to crawl over a targeted page of the website. It is opposite to robots .txt file that restricts the crawler to consider a specific portion of a website.