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About Server Status Checker

The server status checker tool helps you check the server status response immediately if your server is down or not. The tool can take up to 100 URLs. It comes in handy when you need to collect information about whether a particular server is down or not.

If the server responds in a long time then it is a matter of distressing as Web page load pace is essential to both guests and the search engines. A larger response time can slow down the page loading speed, which can drive the guest to hit the back button which tends to enlarge the rebound rate of the website.

The website server can be down anytime and it affects the guests. Various available server status checker tools help you to examine the website status and take essential actions whenever the website status goes offline. These online tools play a vital part in checking various concerns relevant to your website as they check the server status.

Every website owner runs a business online, the website needs to be live and get data accessed from the server. The Server Status Checker checks your server status whether is life or not by requesting the server. If the server status checker finds and detects the website is not live, it provides the server status and performance of your website with the server status code. It is very important to check the server response code to know the status of the server.

Usually, the server status is checked by sending a request to the web server using HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol), the server replies with a 3-digit code to know the server availability status. Thus the information is available to both users and search engines available of a page or not.

We already know that Server connectivity and DNS play a very important role in SEO ranking. If the server disconnects frequently then it plays a very bad role in ranking your web page, so it's important to check your server status every day. If the status code replies with different 3-digit numbers, then it's required to know the status code of the server connection.