How to Earn Money From Your Website?

How to Earn Money From Your Website? 100% Success Earning
How to Earn Money From Your Website? 100% Success Earning

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How to Earn Money From Your Website?

AdSense is the best way to earn more than more money from your website. AdSense called “Google AdSense” is will value your content perfectly. Today we are going to discuss, How to set up AdSense for your website and Earning Tips.

What is AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience.

These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google beta-tested a cost-per-action service, but discontinued it in October 2008 in favor of a DoubleClick offering (also owned by Google).

In Q1 2014, Google earned US$3.4 billion ($13.6 billion annualized), or 22% of total revenue, through Google AdSense. AdSense is a participant in the AdChoices program, so AdSense ads typically include the triangle-shaped AdChoices icon. This program also operates on HTTP cookies. In 2021, over 38.3 million websites use AdSense.

How to Earn Money From Your Website?

How to create your AdSense account?

To create your AdSense account, follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Click Get started.
  • Enter the URL of the site that you want to show ads on.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Choose whether you’d like AdSense to send you customized help and performance suggestions. (We recommend that you choose Yes so AdSense can help you get more out of AdSense. You can change your contact settings later.)
  • Click Save and continue.
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Select your country or territory.
  • Review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
  • Click Create an account. (You’re now signed in to your new AdSense account.)

How to Activate my AdSense Account?

Now you need to get Activate your AdSense account.

After you create your AdSense account, you need to activate it so you can show ads on your site and earn money.

Your AdSense homepage has a list of tasks to complete before we can activate your account:

  • Connect your site to AdSense
  • Enter your payment address details
  • Verify your phone number (Not required in all countries.)

After you complete each task, click Done or Submit.

Account Activation tips

Your site

  • Your site must be live and contain enough content for our specialists to evaluate. If your site is under construction, doesn’t load, or is difficult to navigate, we can’t activate your account.
  • Make sure you provided the correct URL when you created your AdSense account.
  • Review your site to make sure it complies with our policies.

Connecting your site

  • Copy the code exactly as it appears on your AdSense homepage.
  • On the site, you used to create your AdSense account, paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags of a page that has content and regular traffic.

Payment details

  • Enter your full name exactly as it appears on your banking information.
  • Provide the full postal address of your bank account, including the zip code, so you can get paid.
  • Provide a valid phone number.

After you added the AdSense code to your site, You have to wait some days for the activation. If AdSense can’t activate your account, they’ll send an email to explain why and what steps you can take to address the issues.

Make sure you have added the code correctly.

How much can I earn from AdSense?

How much money can I make from AdSense with 1000 visitors per day?

The average (CPM) that you will receive from your blog posts will range from $1.2 per 1000 views in developing countries. In the case of traffic coming from developed countries, your average CPM will be $4 to $6.

So, Start today with Google AdSense, Get Started…

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